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David.22.California - Photographer and musician seeking a different perspective.

Kev & Liz ↬ David Rose
Did another engagement photoshoot this week.

Lower Oneonta Falls ↬ Human For Scale
This is a sign ↬ David Rose
Lower Oneonta Falls ↬ David Rose
Summer ↬ David Rose
Anonymous asked:

phenomenal work, david! do you plan to shoot as a career?

Thanks, do I know you? Right now it’s just something that I do for fun, but people have been approaching me with money lately so that could change

Road to Portland ↬ David Rose
Mt. Hood ↬ David Rose
Crooked River Canyon ↬ David Rose
Summer was made for beach bonfires. 
Cass and Kevin ↬ David Rose
Bumped into these two lovebirds on the beach and had an extemporaneous engagement shoot! 

Bridal Veil Falls; Columbia River Gorge, OR ↬ Human For Scale
Somewhere on the Oregon Coast ↬ David Rose
Sunset at Cannon Beach, OR ↬ David Rose