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David.21.California - Photographer and musician
seeking a different perspective.
Is it summer yet? ↬ David Rose
Cambrian Sunset ↬ David Rose

County Line Beach ↬ David Rose
One of my favorite little surf spots. Situated right near the border of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, and there’s this awesome little food spot across the road from the beach called Neptune’s Net where you can look out on the ocean while you eat, and drink glass bottle cokes. 
Malibu ↬ David Rose
Ripple ↬ David Rose
Untitled ↬ David Rose
Electric Dusk ↬ David Rose
Found this bastard photo on my hard drive. 
Pyramid Lake Spillway x David Rose

I drove/hiked with some friends today to the bottom of a local dam where we found this secluded little private lake that’s not open to the public…. Perfect place for an extemporaneous swim! #adventureoftheday
Sashay ↬ David Rose

Hope you're not lonely without me ↬ David Rose
Hummingbird ↬ David Rose
Venice Beach, CA ↬ David Rose
Lake Tahoe, CA ↬ David Rose
The view from the deck of my relative’s lake house last summer, where I spent several early mornings drinking coffee, writing songs about a recent breakup, and waiting for the world to wake up. One of the most peaceful experiences I’ve ever had, and I long to go back.